board game talk tuesdaypic2041633_md

Mfg. age: 12+

My age rec: 9+

Players: 1-5

Length: 120 min



Build up your crew and travel through this crazy land of fantasy, fight encounters of various evil, and fight your way to the final land to win the game.

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modification mondayI don’t know about anyone else, but it’s a real chore for me to teach my kids to do their chores. I keep trying different systems to see if we can get one that will stick and keep working. Well, a few weeks ago we started a new system. This system is still very new for us and we’re still working the kinks out but I thought I’d share it anyway, because I think it’s a great system and I’m really excited about it.

I need to back peddle a little bit, because I should have started this story from the beginning. I’ve been listening to podcasts for a while now. Ryan’s making me a nerd, and honestly, I’m really enjoying them. There’s a bunch that I enjoy but today I want to talk about a ted talk I heard on it. Well, this particular podcast takes one topic and shares snippets from a bunch of ted talks on that subject. So, I only heard a snippet of the talk on the podcast, and for the first time listening to this podcast I wanted to find the original talk and listen to the whole thing.

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modification mondayI know it’s really Tuesday, but I had good intentions to get this done yesterday. I’m blaming on technology. I was all ready to post last night but my pictures weren’t uploading and I got tired of trying, so I went to bed. And since I worked really hard yesterday to get this insert done so I could post, I’m pretending it really went up on Monday.

20150511_215328Space Alert is a game we’ve had for a while, and one we don’t play a whole lot because in order to keep it fun you need to be able to play it with the same group of people. I feel that way about a number of our games, and they’re usually co-op games. After you’ve played it a few times you’re ready to up the difficulty. But if you’re always introducing it to new people you have to keep starting at the beginning. And since we don’t play it a lot I haven’t felt the drive to get an insert done for it.

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Metal Coins

WIN_20150509_143804Have you ever had a game you wished had better victory points or money, (especially one with paper money)? I know I have.

I’m super excited about these metal coins from Fantasy Coin. There’s so many to choose from. Here’s a few pictures of the different ones they sent us to check them out. They could be used for so many different games. The hardest part is choosing which games to enhance first.

Before I show you what we’re going to do for a few of our games, here’s the link to go look at everything they offer so you know where to get these for your games.

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board game talk tuesday20150422_153022

Mfg. age: 8+

Our age rec: 6+

Players: 2-8

Length: 30 min



I never thought I’d enjoy going to the races, but I was wrong. There’s just something intense and exciting about camel races. If you don’t believe me, read on. I’m sure I can change your mind. (I know it says Tuesday up there. That’s because I was writing it last night and fell asleep. I really wanted to get it done yesterday so I’m pretending that’s what happened. lol)

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modification mondayToday’s post is a little different than most. It’s a modification of sorts, so bear with me. It’s been something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while but I feel like I won’t be able to say what I want to say. I feel like I’ve already waited too long for the right words to come along so it’s time to just do it.

A few weeks ago my nephew was diagnosed with Leukemia. My heart and prayers are with Peyton and his family every day. And aside from prayers, there’s so little we can actually do to help. They live over 6 hours from us so helping with any day to day tasks isn’t really possible.

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modification mondayIt seems painting is what we’ve been doing the most of lately. I love that it’s something we do together. I decided this time instead of waiting until the entire game was done I’d post after each group of ships. Today’s ships are the Federation ships.

20150311_204512 20150311_204540First off, we found this idea online somewhere, sorry I’m not sure where, and it was a life saver for the priming and the finish coat.

Okay, on to the actual painted ships.


U.S.S Reliant

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board game talk tuesday20150421_200211My parents always taught me to be polite. And it’s a good thing too because it’s very important to be polite in a game called No Thanks! Just kidding. It does help though.

Mfg. age: 8+

Our age rec: 8+

Players: 3-5

Length: 20 min


This is a quick and fun filler game. It’s a great starter game to play when you’re waiting for people to show up, or when it’s getting too late for a long game but you want to play just one more. We also play it occasionally right before dinner. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say we, it’s everyone else playing it before dinner. I can’t, I’m the one making dinner. :)

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Wow! The last couple days have been a whirlwind. But I’m going to start at the beginning. Ryan is a huge Garth Brooks fan and has been for a long time. He grew up in a family that didn’t go to concerts and things like that so when Garth went to Salt Lake, some years ago (I’m guessing ’98 give or take a year), he was lucky enough to win tickets. Not only did he win tickets but they were 7th row tickets. Awesome!!

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pic486219_mdFabulous Girl Friday

I had a great game day with the girls again today. We only played one game today because the kids got out of school early and we had to cut it short. However, Galaxy Trucker took us quite a while.

It always takes a while to explain the game. I don’t know if that’s because I’m not very good at explaining it, or because of who’s here playing, or because we have kids around “helping”. Either way, the explaining this morning took far too long.

Once we got past the explaining, and played through the first round, things went pretty well. I think we need to play it with them again though. Now that they have a better idea what they’re trying to do when they build their ship, it should go a lot more smoothly. I think overall it was a success.

If you’re new to gaming I wouldn’t recommend starting with this game, but once you’ve played a few and have the feel for games, this is a fun game to play.


List Price: $74.99 USD
New From: $42.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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