I have to start off with an apology to Game Crafter. They sent us this game months ago, and I’m finally getting a review done. I’ve been struggling to get reviews and posts up so far this year, but that’s going to change. I love playing games and we play a lot of them. I just have to re-commit myself to taking pictures and telling everyone about them. So here I am, with a review of The Captain is Dead.

20150327_080953The Captain is Dead is a cooperative game where you’re trying to stay alive before the aliens take over and kill you.






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Quilting is one of my absolute favorite hobbies but it’s also something I don’t do a lot of. Fabric is not cheap, I want everything quilted and I don’t have the best equipment for that so it’s expensive, and really, how many blankets do you really need.

It’s been quite a few years since I made anything. But the wait is over. Seal and Princess love Mickey and Minnie so this year I decided to make Mickey and Minnie quilts for them. And to help me get them done, I decided I would do them for their birthdays. Seal’s is coming up next month, and Princess isn’t till October so I figured I’d have plenty of time to get them done.

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Another amazing game day with the girls. We had to cut things a little short because of the half day at school, but since we can’t play at all next week because of spring break, we had to play today.

pic1152359_mdWe started off with a little Kingdom Builder. This game isn’t for everyone. In fact, it isn’t one of Ryan’s favorite games. He keeps asking if we should get rid of it, but I really like it so I won’t let him. It’s a matter of preference. I’ve played it with the girls the last two weeks and I still love it. It’s a lighter game with some luck as to what card you draw and where you have to place your pieces on the board. I love that the victory point conditions change every game and so do the special abilities so it’s different every time you play it. It’s perfect for game day with the girls.

pic1918028_mdCamel Up – We rarely play games I didn’t already have out and ready to go, but today was an exception. This game came up and one of the girls wasn’t here when we played it the first time, so we played it again. It was still a big hit. You just never know who’s gonna win the game and just like real races, you make bets and take your chances. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Plus, the way you roll the dice out of the pyramid is just cool. Most of the games we play, the girls are content to just play them whenever we play them, but I think one of the girls, and maybe two are hoping to buy to play with their families. Another great thing about this game is that it plays up to 8.

Another great day of playing games with the girls. Sometimes I wonder what I ever did without it. Fridays have become one of my favorite days of the week.


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Every Friday when the kids are in school I invite the girls over to play games. I have to say it’s been a huge blessing in my life. First of all, I clean my house every Friday knowing that they’ll be here. Second, and most importantly, it’s just a lot of fun. I get to share the games we’ve got and spend some time with friends.

I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of the games we play and the feedback I get from the girls.

Today was a bit of a crazy day. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning and had to push back the start them. So we played a couple of light games. We started out by playing…

pic1229626_mdCloud 9

Sadly, this game is out of print. The girls were sad to hear that because we had a great time playing it together. We were lucky to trade for it on boardgamegeek.com.

I don’t want to spend a lot of time raving about the game since it’s really hard to get a hold of but it’s a press your luck game where everyone rides in a hot air balloon. The trick is to jump out at the right time.


The second game we played is…

pic2286092_mdCash ‘n Guns

Not a game I would generally pick for a girls day, but we had more people here today so I needed a game that could support 6 people and this was right where I could reach it. I wasn’t really sure how they’d feel about the gun pointing either, but I don’t think it bothered anyone.

I think one of the gals felt a little picked on, so I’m not sure if she had a good time or not. In a game like this if you get a lot of points early in the game, you put a target on your back. I think it’s best to lay low and hope nobody notices you getting points.

I may have fumbled through some of the rules a little too and not explained them super well, and that can be frustrating for players. All in all, I think some of the girls loved it, and some tolerated it. For me, this is one of my favorite party games, because it plays a lot of people and nobody has to make a fool of themselves. I’m not a big fan of games that cause you to sing and dance in front of everyone. That’s just me though.

Another great day of playing games with the girls.


List Price: $39.99 USD
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Wow! I’ve been gone a long time. For some reason I can’t seem to get back on track and every week I tell myself I’m going to get back to it, and I just keep falling short. So, I may need to bag my weekly schedule for a while and just post what I feel like for a while.

20150227_152746Yesterday I planned to post pictures of the Mice and Mystics miniatures we painted. We’ve been focusing on painting recently. I feel I need to start out by saying; we are not professional in any way shape or form.

Basically what’s happened is we’ve taken something Ryan loves, board games. (I love board games too, but it all started with him and he’s still the one that chooses what new games we’re getting.) And something I love; all things art, crafts, any kind of creating and rolled it all together. Now we can do things together that helps us both feel a little more fulfilled.

We’re so new to this that we actually chose to start with Mice and Mystics because it isn’t one of our favorites. We originally got it to play all together as a family. Only problem is, it only plays 4 people. So our 4 oldest children have taken the game over and they play it together. So it’s for sure a game that gets played and is loved at our house, it just isn’t loved by the parents.

So without further delay, here’s our Mice and Mystics painting.












I think they turned out pretty good for our first attempt at painting. We had a great time doing it, for the most part. We learned that if we over do it, it’s not fun anymore. For us it’s best to do just a few a night and walk away. Otherwise we never want to get it out. If anyone has ideas to help us improve we’re all ears.



List Price: $74.99 USD
New From: $48.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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modification monday20150202_194705We love our Star Trek in this house. Inside the main box we have the base game along with the Romulan Empire and Dominion expansions. It was a very tight squeeze but we got it all in.



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modification mondayI know it’s actually Tuesday but I had hoped to get this up yesterday, so it’s Monday’s Modification on Tuesday. :)

We like to try new things and do different projects and over the break Ryan found some fun new modifications for our board games, polymer clay. He’s really excited to make player pieces for King of Tokyo, but I didn’t think that was the right place to start. So, we started with Tzolkin resources. We’ve already made a foam core insert for it, and replaced the food tokens with wooden corn meeples from meeplesource.com. Can you tell we really like this game?

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20141228_161103I know, I know, it’s been ages since I posted. Christmas is such a crazy time of the year that the blog falls off my radar. So I promise, I’m getting back into a real routine starting next week. In the meantime I wanted to share some things I’ve done over the holidays.


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thoughtful thursdayI haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. At least not yet. Sometimes getting posts put together is a lot of work, but for the most part I love it. The favorite’s lists were a lot of work. Combined with that, Thanksgiving and family being around, and all the sickness we’ve had, strep and flu, the blog got put on the back burner.

About a month ago we had parent teacher conferences for our children at the elementary school. For us parent teacher conferences sometimes feels like a waste of time. It’s good to meet all their teachers and what not, but generally our visits with a teacher go something like this. Show up to the school, wait outside a classroom for 10-15 minutes, spend 2 1/2 minutes having the teacher tell us our child is doing wonderful, and leave. We generally spend more time waiting in a hallway than we do visiting with any teachers.

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The last couple of weeks were crazy busy trying to get all the favorite’s lists up. The only list I don’t have up is the one with our overall family favorites. Hopefully I’ll get that up soon, if I can figure excel out. :)

20141119_204909Mfg. age: 8+

Our age rec: 8+

Players: 2-12

Length: 30 min


Blurble was sent to us to try and I have to say, I’m really excited to tell you about it.

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