Wow! I’ve been gone a long time. For some reason I can’t seem to get back on track and every week I tell myself I’m going to get back to it, and I just keep falling short. So, I may need to bag my weekly schedule for a while and just post what I feel like for a while.

20150227_152746Yesterday I planned to post pictures of the Mice and Mystics miniatures we painted. We’ve been focusing on painting recently. I feel I need to start out by saying; we are not professional in any way shape or form.

Basically what’s happened is we’ve taken something Ryan loves, board games. (I love board games too, but it all started with him and he’s still the one that chooses what new games we’re getting.) And something I love; all things art, crafts, any kind of creating and rolled it all together. Now we can do things together that helps us both feel a little more fulfilled.

We’re so new to this that we actually chose to start with Mice and Mystics because it isn’t one of our favorites. We originally got it to play all together as a family. Only problem is, it only plays 4 people. So our 4 oldest children have taken the game over and they play it together. So it’s for sure a game that gets played and is loved at our house, it just isn’t loved by the parents.

So without further delay, here’s our Mice and Mystics painting.












I think they turned out pretty good for our first attempt at painting. We had a great time doing it, for the most part. We learned that if we over do it, it’s not fun anymore. For us it’s best to do just a few a night and walk away. Otherwise we never want to get it out. If anyone has ideas to help us improve we’re all ears.



List Price: $74.99 USD
New From: $48.95 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock

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modification monday20150202_194705We love our Star Trek in this house. Inside the main box we have the base game along with the Romulan Empire and Dominion expansions. It was a very tight squeeze but we got it all in.



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modification mondayI know it’s actually Tuesday but I had hoped to get this up yesterday, so it’s Monday’s Modification on Tuesday. :)

We like to try new things and do different projects and over the break Ryan found some fun new modifications for our board games, polymer clay. He’s really excited to make player pieces for King of Tokyo, but I didn’t think that was the right place to start. So, we started with Tzolkin resources. We’ve already made a foam core insert for it, and replaced the food tokens with wooden corn meeples from Can you tell we really like this game?

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20141228_161103I know, I know, it’s been ages since I posted. Christmas is such a crazy time of the year that the blog falls off my radar. So I promise, I’m getting back into a real routine starting next week. In the meantime I wanted to share some things I’ve done over the holidays.


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thoughtful thursdayI haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. At least not yet. Sometimes getting posts put together is a lot of work, but for the most part I love it. The favorite’s lists were a lot of work. Combined with that, Thanksgiving and family being around, and all the sickness we’ve had, strep and flu, the blog got put on the back burner.

About a month ago we had parent teacher conferences for our children at the elementary school. For us parent teacher conferences sometimes feels like a waste of time. It’s good to meet all their teachers and what not, but generally our visits with a teacher go something like this. Show up to the school, wait outside a classroom for 10-15 minutes, spend 2 1/2 minutes having the teacher tell us our child is doing wonderful, and leave. We generally spend more time waiting in a hallway than we do visiting with any teachers.

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The last couple of weeks were crazy busy trying to get all the favorite’s lists up. The only list I don’t have up is the one with our overall family favorites. Hopefully I’ll get that up soon, if I can figure excel out. :)

20141119_204909Mfg. age: 8+

Our age rec: 8+

Players: 2-12

Length: 30 min


Blurble was sent to us to try and I have to say, I’m really excited to tell you about it.

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Favorite Game ListsI have to start out by saying this was by far the hardest list to put together. Seal is only 4 and it was really hard to get him to commit to which game he liked best. So honestly, this is really just a list of all the games he plays.


pic998726Animal Upon Animal: Balancing Bridge

You stack animals on top of each other, on top of a bridge, and try not to be the one that knocks the animals down. In the meantime, you’re holding secret objective cards where you’re trying to get certain animals to touch each other. There’s a little strategy, a little dexterity, and a lot of fun.





Such a great game for kids. This is only on Seal’s list but it has gotten a lot of use over the years. GPS played it a lot a couple of years ago. At that time I did a community preschool with some friends where we took turns, and the kids loved playing this together. My older kids would never admit they like it, but they play it too when the little ones get it out.



20140909_203902Fun Farm

Cute game for little kids. Kids have a good time, and work on colors and speed at the same time.



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Favorite Game ListsFirst, I have to apologize for not getting my game review up yesterday. Things are still crazy busy. We’re trying to sell our house and we had to showings this week so I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman, making applesauce (luckily this was at a friends house), and yesterday I had to pick up one of my kids from school because they’re sick. It’s crazy really. So today I’m back on schedule with GPS’s top 50 list, and I’ll scrap Flashback Friday this week and do my game review then.

First off, I have to say this is my biggest gaming child. He will play anything and everything, at least once anyway. I had a hard time just narrowing him down to 50. He didn’t want to take anything off his list. We finally got it narrowed down though, and here it goes.


pic998726Animal Upon Animal: Balancing Bridge

This game is perfect for his age. The balancing bridge version is more fun than the original Animal Upon Animal, if you ask me. You stack animals on top of each other and try not to be the one that knocks the animals down. In the meantime, you’re holding secret objective cards where you’re trying to get certain animals to touch each other. There’s a little strategy, a little dexterity, and a lot of fun.


pic185673_mdGulo Gulo

GPS got this for Christmas a couple years ago and part of me thinks he just likes it because he wanted it really bad for months. It’s an out of print game and was very expensive to buy. On the other hand, he’s pretty good at this game as well. You have to pull eggs out of a container without knocking the egg timer out. His small and steady hands are much better at this than my big awkward ones. It’s a great game for his age, but really hard to get a hold of because it’s out of print.


pic2047441Robot Turltes

We’re off to a great start with another good game for his age. If you can read the wording on the box it says, “Introduces basic coding concepts for preschoolers.” Little ones learn how to think ahead as they send their turtle to get their jewel. It’s a good learning tool for youngins. GPS is almost too old for it. It’s actually perfect for Seal, who is 4. Now as far as an adult playing with the kids, there’s really no enjoyment for you, other than spending quality time watching your child learn and grow. I’ve had a good time with Seal before, but not because the game was entertaining me. Nobody plays against anybody in this game, you just keep going until everyone reaches their end goal.

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Favorite Game ListsMoose’s list is the shortest list so far. He’s probably my least likely child to sit down and play games. He has his favorites that he’ll always play, but they’re few and far between. I had a hard time convincing him to even sit down and do this list, but I finally helped him narrow it down.


pic1392135_mdThe Resistance

A party game. This is one of those where you being a good liar will be very helpful. That’s why Ryan’s so good at this game. LOL! The kids are all getting pretty good at this. Moose likes a lot of these secret identity party games.





pic1229634_md10 Days in Africa, USA, Europe

I’m a little surprised to see this on his list. Especially since he only chose his top 25, but I think it’s cool. I love this game too. It’s my number 39. Plus, it’s a great way to learn and have fun at the same time.






I’m even more surprised to see Plunder on his list. I didn’t think anyone really liked it except me so we were ready to get rid of it. Now if we can just find a 3rd person to play it with us.




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Favorite Game Lists33

pic792277_mdSurvive: Escape From Atlantis

I don’t think this game is on his list because of being a game. I think it’s on his list because he likes to get it out and pretend play with all the pieces. We do pay it occasionally, but it mostly gets used so the kids can pretend with it.





This is such a great game. Although in my opinion after you’ve had a chance to play it a few times, it’s better with the In the Lab expansion. It’s just a classic. If you don’t know this game, it’s a cooperative game where you’re working together to rid the world of life threatening diseases.





pic1927856_tTicket to Ride

We lumped all our Ticket to Ride games into one. So to us, even though there’s a few differences here and there, Ticket to Ride is Ticket to Ride. Although I have to say the anniversary edition is pretty cool. Ticket to Ride is a great game. It’s popular because it’s a good game and lots of fun. I have done separate reviews for Ticket to Ride and Ticket to Ride Europe so if you want to see the differences between these two, check out the reviews.

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