thoughtful thursdayDoesn’t that sound yummy! I mean really, who doesn’t want chocolate chip ketchup. LOL!


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board game talk tuesday20140825_162742

Mfg. Age: 10+

Our Age: 8+

Length: 40 min

Players: 2-4

I thought since yesterday I did the insert for Pastiche, today I’d do a review. And sorry for the review being so late. I promise, one day my life will slow down and I’ll get back on top of everything. Now, let’s get to the basics.

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modification monday20140825_162742It’s been weeks since I made an insert. I’ve hardly had time to do laundry and basic cleaning, let alone game modifications. I didn’t get one done last week, and there was no getting around going shopping this morning, but I was able to squeeze in a quick insert for Pastiche.


This is was a simple insert, took me less than 2 hours, but I’m glad it’s done and happy with how it turned out.


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flashback friday pic1604985_tQuarriors is a game that I really enjoy when we play it, but often gets forgotten. I always think it’s going to be so cumbersome reading the cards to figure out what they all do. It is a little bit, but it’s never as bad as I think it’s going to be. It only takes a few turns to get down what all the cards do and then it’s fun.

There is battling and taking other people out, so people can get their feelings hurt. It just depends on the person. Again, it’s not something we play a lot, but something I want to keep in our collection.


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thoughtful thursday20140821_073510The first day of school is always bitter sweet, and a time for contemplation. It’s nice to get back into a routine, and be able to clean the kitchen and have it stay clean for a few hours, but the kids are growing up so fast and I miss them. I guess it’s probably good to learn how to let them go for a while since I only have a few short years before they’ll start leaving home. It used to feel like the little ones would be here forever, and I’d get no quiet time, but now I think about Princess being in middle school, which is where Mr. Brown is now, and at that point my 3 oldest kids will be gone.

Well, that was depressing. Time for contemplation is over. Now, it’s time to concentrate on getting the house back together after camping, and kids over excited/anxious about school starting. Good luck to everyone and their kids going back to school.


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 board game talk tuesday 


Mfg. Age: 6+

Our Age: 6+

Length: 20 min

Players: 2-5



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modification monday20140806_185708If you remember a couple weeks ago, on Thoughtful Thursday, I talked about my new piano. It’s amazing by the way. It has caused a problem though.

This is my couch the last two weeks. Our last piano had a storage bench, this one does not. Not that it solved all the problems anyway. We had music stored all over the place.

20140818_130422So, this is what we decided to get, at Target, to fix the problem.

20140818_132134Ta da! I actually had less books than it seemed like since they all fit on two shelves. Crazy! The magazine holders hold all the kids piano books for lessons, and the binders are full of sheet music. Each sheet protector has an entire song and I just pull the whole thing out when I want to play it. It’s working for now. I may need to change it up if I get too much sheet music.

20140818_132143I haven’t yet decided what to do with the bottom bins. For now, the one closest to the piano holds the headphones. I’d love to hang them on the the cool holder on the piano itself but with 6 children around the house I’m hoping for an out of sight out of mind idea, where they don’t touch them unless they need to practice. I know, I know, laugh your head off. I can dream anyway.

20140818_162229My favorite part though, is having a place to put some decorations. I hardly have any places to put decorations, so I’m loving the top.

20140818_132213And don’t you dare put any papers or anything up there. I just might lose it.

So that’s it. The last week has been crazy. We were gone camping for 3 days, went to the drive-in movie (love that there’s one only 20 minutes from our house), and have been crazy busy getting the kids ready to start school again.


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flashback saturdaypic1068720_tRumble in the House is still around at our house. It isn’t one of my favorites, and I don’t think it’s a favorite for anyone, but it does have its place. If we’re hosting a game night somewhere, we often get asked to do this in our church because everyone knows we have and play lots of games, we usually take this one with us. It’s simple to learn, fairly quick to play, and 6 people can play it. In a big group it doesn’t take long to find 6 players.

I personally haven’t played the game a lot because Ryan kept it at school with him and his students played it. Needless to say our copy is pretty hammered and a couple pieces are missing (high school kids aren’t real soft.) Since summer started its been back at the house and it’s seen a few plays, mostly from the kids. We’re pretty strict when it comes to getting games out and being soft and careful with them. That doesn’t always mean they are but we’re trying to teach them. Since this games already pretty hammered we’re a little more lenient about them getting it out and playing whenever.

Again, this isn’t a game full of strategy, it’s just a light filler game that gets played sometimes here and taken with us when we play in big groups. When we’re playing with big groups we break them up into smaller groups to play games. This is a game that gets played when one group is waiting for another group to get done kind of a thing.


List Price: $19.99 USD
New From: $15.99 USD In Stock
Used from: Out of Stock



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Thoughtful Wednesday

Yeah! I’m a day early. I won’t be able to post Thursday or Friday, so Thursday’s post is obviously today, and Friday’s post will be on Saturday. Sorry about the inconvenience.

I should have posted this at the beginning of summer, but I don’t like to camp and I’d forgotten about it. I thought I’d gotten out of it with school starting next week, but alas, I have not.

This isn’t an issue this year, but I thought maybe it could help someone else. A year ago Princess was still using formula, and refused to drink a cold bottle. That made middle of the night feedings a little tough for me. We only camped two days last year and I didn’t think of this until the 2nd night, but it made for a much better night.

It’s formula so I didn’t need to add it until it was time to drink it, but the problem was getting it warm in the tent. So I slept with a bottle. Yes, it was very comforting and kept me safe. LOL! But seriously, I held it close to my body while I slept and when she woke up and wanted a bottle, all I had to do was add formula. My body temperature was enough to warm the bottle sufficiently.

I know it’s a small and simple thing, and others who actually like camping probably have better methods, but this worked so well for me last year, I wanted to share it.


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board game talk tuesdaypic1739335_tMfg. Age: 6+

Our Age: 6+

Length: 30 min

Players: 2-5


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